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To Create a Greener Future, Rethink, Reuse and Refill

Humans produce over 380 million tons of plastic every year, according to Plastic Oceans. Because plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it creates waste, litter and pollution. But there are steps you can take to reduce your own contribution to this mounting problem. Here are a few…

May 3, 2022
a woman smiling while calculating her finances

Tips to Spring Clean Your Personal Finances

Tax season is in full swing, and the IRS has processed and delivered more than $1 billion in refunds so far this year. Whether you’re receiving a tax refund or not, now may be the perfect time to spring clean your personal finances. Here…

April 1, 2022
wallpaper pattern covering the space above the fireplace mantle

How to Choose the Best Wallpaper Design for Any Space

Thinking about using wallpaper to transform your walls from drab to fab? You’re in good company. Wallpaper’s popularity is on the rise in both residential and commercial spaces and gaining an edge over paint. Why? Experts believe this trend reflects a growing recognition of…

March 16, 2022